” We find the inspiration in the beautiful materials of the nature, a furniture, a piece of  fabric, a gorgeous  floristry from a colleague… yes, actually everything what the eye catches, can be an inspiration.. ”   say the both of them.

The authors of the book

Florists, Glennie Thiel and Linda Nielsen are the authors of the book.

Their friendship has been more than 10 years in the making and it continues because of their mutual respect and honesty.

Glennie Thiel, was born 1973. Living i Ans with her husband and their two boys. She has loved flowers ever since she was a child, where she emptied roadsides in the search for flowers. She got – when she was young – a part-time afternoon job at Bellis Blomster in Kjellerup and right away became aware, that she wanted to be flower decorater.

The apprenticeship was started with Vibeke Gundersen in Bjerringbro and concluded at Ole Sørensen in Hammel, a shop Glennie ended up buying. Ever since has the life with flowers resulted in great things for good and bad.

She has been a manager of multiple shops and she is today at her 17th years as a General Leader at PassiFlora in Kjellerup. Glennie still loves to learn and expand her knowledge and participates in educational courses at home and abroad.


Linda Nielsen, was born in 1966. Linda lives in the beautiful countryside near Issefjorden. Flowers have always been a part of Linda’s life and Danish flora in particular has been closely studied. There was, of several reasons, a need for a detour in her life until she found out where she belongs: in the world of flowers.

She started in 2008 as an adult apprentice at PassiFlora in Kjellerup. After successfully completing her apprenticeship Linda has continued her passion and subject knowledge by attending courses in Denmark but mainly across Europe and the wider world.

Today she works as a freelance florist in both Denmark and other countries, where teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge has become her priority.